Why Racing Events Triathlete & Duathlete Awards Series

Event Details 04/24/2016 - 08/21/2016

About The Race

Who is the Best in the Northwest amongst the Why Racing Triathletes & Duathletes?

Hey Triathletes & Duathletes:

NOTE: There are 5 opportunities to earn points in this series

Sunday April 24th - Spring Classic Duathlon
Saturday & Sunday June 4th & 5th - Blue Lake Triathlon, Duathlon & Weekend Sports Festival
June 24th-June 26th - Pacific Crest Triathlon, Duathlon & Weekend Sports Festival
Saturday July 9th - Hagg Lagg Triathlon & Duathlon
Sunday July 31st - Mid Summer Triathlon & Duathlon
Saturday August 20th - Girlfriends Triathlon & Duathlon
Sunday August 21st - Columbia River Triathlon & Duathlon

We wanted to create an annual Why Racing Event series in order to acknowledge both speed AND the ability to endure within the sports of Triathlon & Duathlon locally. Winning one race or your age group one time is extremely impressive but can you sustain that type of performance throughout the entire season?!

So we approached Matt LeGrand, a local computer programming geek (we say that with the most amount of respect and appreciation!) who just also happens to be a triathlete, to help us design a program that is based on a point system that is easy to understand and functions to acknowledge both overall and age group competition. Matt will strive to have the race series accumulated points posted within a week after each race.


Here’s how it works:

• The Why Racing Events Racing Series is divided into two distinct sections: Duathlon Race Series and Triathlon Race Series for the races listed above:

• Your points will automatically start to accumulate with the first Why Race Event Series race in which you participate.
• Male and Female Overall standings and age group standings will be calculated separately.
• For Overall Standings: You will be accumulating Overall Points based on your overall finish in the race
• Age Group Standings: You will also be accumulating Age Group Points based on your finish within your age group (according to your Racing Age). Each age group beginning with 15 and under will be awarded Race Series points.

Age Group:
15 and under
80 plus

• Points are awarded to the top 30 finishers in each age group. Please see the point breakdown below. Current standings will be posted after each event.

1st 100 points
2nd 80
3rd 60
4th 50
5th 45
6th 40
7th 36
8th 32
9th 29
10th 26
11th 24
12th 22
13th 20
14th 18
15th 16
16th 15
17th 14
18th 13
19th 12
20th 11
21st 10
22nd 9
23rd 8
24th 7
25th 6
26th 5
27th 4
28th 3
29th 2
30th 1

• Areas of Expected Errors - We will strive to work out errors and result mix ups. We will be able to correct and recalculate when errors occur. Our main concern is incorrect entry, typos and miss-matching of names which we can correct for once we are alerted to the issue.

• Contact: Please reach out to whyracingseries@gmail.com with questions, suggestions and corrections, If you have any problems with any of this, you can deal with Matt directly – if you can catch him! ;)


04/24/2016 - 08/21/2016

Awards & Celebrations

Awards – We will offer an award to Top 3 Overall Male & Female and 1st Place Male & Female for each age group division for both the Duathlon & Triathlon series. We will hand out these awards at an end of series party where we can all hang out and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. If there is a tie, there will be an arm wrestle contest to determine who gets the official bragging rights. Date of party & location will be announced at a later date. If you can’t make it to the party and celebration, you will be able to pick up your award at Why Racing at 1011 Broadway, Vancouver WA.

Cost, Registration & Packet Pickup


This Awards Series is FREE. The only cost to the athlete is your event registration fee.

Registration Details

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Call 360.574.7292 for more information

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Partnership Opportunities

Our athletes – triathletes, duathletes, runners, walkers, cyclists – are active, educated, middle to high income earners who are committed to their fitness while also supporting our community. They are loyal to brands that support their mission towards a healthy body, mind, spirit and world.

These athletes are strong consumers of:

  • Health & Wellness services such as Massage, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Natural Medicine, Acupuncture, Personal Training and Coaching. They break it down and need you to build it back up again and keep them healthy, fit and strong.
  • Bicycles – A Triathlete will often spend more money on their bike and accessories than they do on vital services!
  • Running Shoes – Every runner/triathlete recognizes the importance of a good pair of shoes and once they connect and have success with your brand, they become die-hard, loyal customers and brand ambassadors by default.
  • Active Gear & Clothing – Runners & Triathletes will spend a lot of money on tights, compression socks, waterproof clothing, running vests, water-proof jackets, hats, and gloves that make them more comfortable and able to endure the elements better. They also love shirts with fun, witty captions!
  • Technical Gadgets – Runners & Triathletes are often technological geeks and love GPS systems and downloadable products that allow them to track and analyze their performances
  • Energy Drinks, Bars & Jells – Competitive athletes require healthy, quick energy products and when they find the product that works for them, they rarely waiver and again become brand ambassadors and advocates.
  • Fast, cool cars – Runners & Triathletes have a need for speed and it’s not limited to their bikes. They love cool, fast, sporty vehicles that allow them to get outdoors!
  • Beer & Wine – Yes, serious athletes do enjoy drinking! Isn’t that why they train so hard?!
  • Restaurants – They train hard & eat big to refuel. They are often foodies always looking for the next go-to restaurant.
  • Financial Services – They are an educated, wealthy group and are smart enough to know they need to develop a plan for their financial future

Why Racing Events Inc., is the largest producers of Multi-Sport Events in the Northwest. We can provide you with the opportunity to gain brand recognition and loyalty of thousands of triathletes, runners, cyclists and walkers. We value businesses that provide high-quality products and relevant services which allow our athletes to thrive and to achieve their goals. We look for partnerships with companies which are creative and which help enhance our events and our athletes’ experiences.

We take our partnerships very seriously and recognize that both parties must benefit to assure a win:win arrangement. We offer a diverse range of sponsorship packages tailored to align seamlessly with your company’s marketing goals and provide a dynamic environment for delivering your corporate message and introducing your relevant products or services to this desirable target audience.

  • Title, Presenting, Gold, Silver, Bronze & Copper Penny options – We can tailor a sponsorship package to work with your budget!
  • Vendor Opportunities – Get face to face with our athletes and their family & friends and showcase your products and/or services
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
    • Logo and link placement on Website, Event Pages and Social media
    • Recognition in email and direct athlete correspondence
    • Logo and link placement on Website, Event Pages and Social media platforms
    • Logo on event promotional fliers and posters
    • Logo on event products – ie t-shirts, goody bags, water bottles
    • Coupon/Promotional material in goody bags or online virtual goody bags
    • Company banners posted at events
    • Sponsor recognition during race announcements

For information on vendor opportunities at specific events and sponsorship opportunities for Why Racing Events Inc. please contact us at sponsorships@whyracingevents.com or complete the information below.

We’re always happy to discuss the possibilities of creating a win/win partnership with you!

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