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32nd Annual Spring Classic Duathlon & Home Depot Half Marathon, 10k & 5k

Event Details 04/24/2016 7:45am for Half / 8:00am for 5k & 10k / 9:00am for Duathlon

About The Race

Check out how much we had last year!

Run, Walk & when one sport is not enough, just DU it!

Enough Hibernating! Wake up, Get out & Race!

Choose the Duathlon or any of the 3 different running distances and let's Spring into Action!


The Spring Classic Duathlon is a great opportunity for triathletes to shake off the winter-season rust and for the duathletes to get in an early season race. This long-running event is contested almost entirely on Marine Dr, which is closed to vehicle traffic – a rarity in the sport.  You will ride and run right along the mighty Columbia River with beautiful views to make the time fly!

It will be a flat & fast course...perfect for those new to the sport of Duathlon and Triathlon! And for you veterans, this will be a fabulous opportunity to go all out and see who stayed in good condition this winter!

There are no railroad tracks on the bike route – just 15 miles of smooth pavement ideally suited for fast times. The course is virtually flat with the only appreciative elevation gain or loss occurring as you travel beneath the Glenn Jackson Bridge. And for the novice athlete, the sense of safety from not having to be overly concerned with vehicle traffic makes this event an ideal introduction to the world of multi-sport racing.

Home Depot Half, 10k & 5k - This beautiful, flat and fast course along the Columbia River is a wonderful event to set as a goal to keep your conditioning strong through the winter and spring cold and rainy seasons!

Our start/finish location at the Home Depot off Airport Way will allow us to relax and share our racing stories once we all finish! We will have high energy music, fun vendors, food and who is ordering the sunshine?!

OR Half Series



7:45am for Half / 8:00am for 5k & 10k / 9:00am for Duathlon


HOME DEPOT: The post-event festivities will take place in the parking lot at Home Depot, 11633 NE Glen Widing Drive, Portland, OR.

Please park in front of Concordia College to leave parking in front of Home Depot for their customers. – It’s a great venue and we want to keep this partner happy! Thank you!

Map & Directions


From the south (Salem, OR)
Follow I-5 N
Take Exit 288 toward I-84/The Dalles/Seattle
Take Exit 24B for Airport Way E
Follow NE Airport Way
Turn left onto NE Glenn Widing Dr
Turn left, turn right, turn right, Home Depot parking lot will be on the left
Athlete parking is in front of Concordia College

From the North (Ridgefield, WA)
Follow I-5 S, keeping right at the fork to continue on I-205 S/Salem
Take Exit 24 for Airport Way toward Portland Airport
Turn left onto NW Airport Way
Turn left onto NE Glenn Widing Dr
Turn left, turn right, turn right, Home Depot parking lot will be on the left
Athlete parking is in front of Concordia College

From the East (Hood River)
Follow I-84 toward Portland
Take Exit 13 
Turn Right onto NE 181st Ave (toward Airport Way)
Continue onto NE Airport Way
Turn right onto NE Glenn Widing Dr
Turn left, turn right, turn right, Home Depot parking lot will be on the left
Athlete parking is in front of Concordia College

From Portland
Take I-84 East (toward Troutdale)
Take Exit 24B for Airport Way E
Follow NE Airport Way
Turn left onto NE Glenn Widing Dr
Turn left, turn right, turn right, Home Depot parking lot will be on the left
Athlete parking is in front of Concordia College

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7:45am - Start of the Half Marathon

8:00am - Start of the 5k & 10k

9:00am - Start of the Duathlon

Post-event festivities immediately after your race in the Home Depot parking lot.

Runners, stick around after your race and cheer on the Duathletes and be inspired to add another sport to your training and racing plan!

Awards & Celebrations

We think everyone is a winner but we also like to reward the Speedsters!

Awards will be presented to the Overall Top 3 Male & Female champions and Overall Masters Male & Master Female champion (who will then be removed from the individual age division awards). Awards will also be presented to the 1st thru 3rd place finishers in each individual age division, as well as the Clydesdale, Athena and Relay Divisions.

Individual: 15 and under, 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80 & over.

Clydesdale’s (men 220 lbs & over)

Athena’s (women 165 lbs & over)

Duathlon Relay Teams - Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed Divisions.

NOTE: Awards Ceremony will commence at the conclusion of each event, once we have enough finishers to announce. Winners need to pick up their awards - awards will not be mailed.

Award Criteria: 

  • If you choose to race in the Clydesdale (220+ pounds) or Athena (165+ pounds) categories, you are not eligible for Age Group awards due to USAT restrictions. You must choose one or the other.
  • Based on USAT age categories, if your birthday is prior to December 31st of that race season, you will race in the older age group even if you haven’t celebrated your birthday yet. Due to USAT sanctioning you will ‘age-up’.


Multiple School programs and clubs

Why Racing Events Inc. is proud to support High School Sports programs and various local non-profits. As a result of your participation in these events, we have exceeded $2,000,000 in donations and funds raised for various local clubs, teams and non-profits. Some of the sports programs we support rely completely on our donations for their yearly funding. We want to thank all of you for participating in this event allowing us the opportunity to extend this support to high school athletes

We are very thankful to the athletes, sponsors, vendors, partners and volunteers who contribute to the success of our events, allowing us to offer this support!

What to Bring

  • Bike & Helmet (mandatory for all Duathletes)
  • Your bib, pins, helmet & bike stickers (if applicable) and chip timing piece
  • A small towel for duathletes to place on the ground for your gear
  • Water bottle, sunscreen, glasses
  • Change of clothes so you can enjoy the post-event festivities
  • Kick-butt attitude!

WHAT SHOULD DUATHLETES WEAR: For a Duathlon, you typically don’t want to change clothes too much in between your runs and cycle portions. Ideally, find an outfit that you will feel comfortable biking and running in. If you have regular pedals or a toe/pedal cage, you will wear the same shoes throughout the entire run/bike/run. If you use cycling cleats, you will start in your running shoes, quickly change into your cycling cleats and then change back into your running shoes. Watch the weather closely. The show goes on no matter what the weather is doing. Fortunately, if you're dressed correctly, it shouldn't matter. If it's raining, you may want to layer with a form-fitting, water-proof jacket. If it's cold, wear some running gloves. Body Glide or Vaseline is always a good idea on any spots that might rub (underarms, inner thighs, feet). Be sure to have your Bib and Helmet and Bike sticker visible. In honor of the Spring theme, let’s all wear super bright and pastel spring colors. Plus it will make the photos look that much better!

Special Instructions

Timing of the event will be done using the ChampionChip™ Timing System. Duathletes must wear a Timing Chip on their ankle in order to receive splits and final results (Be sure tha it is snapped tightly so you don't lose the strap which would prevent the tracking of your results and splits). Runners will wear a bib number with disposeable timing chip.

Body Marking for Duathletes:When you arrive there will be volunteers to mark your body with marker for safety reasons. This is mandatory for Duathletes and just for fun for runners (not necessary but fun to see who is in your age group!)

Left Calve - Your event will go on your Left Calve that way you can easily see if you are racing another athlete in the same category.

  • “D” for Duathlon.
  • “DR” for Duathlon Relay.
  • “Half” for Half Marathon
  • “10k” for 10k
  • “5k” for 5k

Right Calve – Your age will go on your Right calve - that way you can easily see from behind if that athlete is in your age group and whether you need to speed up! ;)

Both Arms – Your Bib # will go on both arms


Can I register on Race Day? Can my friend pick up my packet? Can I get a refund? Can I transfer my registration to another race or athlete? All registration and packet pickup related questions can be found under the main navigation heading titled "Registration & Packet Pickup". If you cannot find the answer to your question, please email us at registration@whyracingevents.com

What are the rules for Duathlon? 
We currently adhere to the USAT Rules for Triathlon & Duathlon.  Please click here to review complete list of USAT Rules. Important rules include no drafting, you must wear a helmet and music is not allowed during the bike. We do allow music during the runs only – with only 1 ear bud in and 1 ear bud out so you can hear instructions and other racers and for the safety of all. NO MUSIC/IPODS etc during the Bike course. This is for everyone’s safety.

Are headsets, earbuds or any type of personal music device allowed in this race?  Absolutely no music devices are allowed during the bike segment for obvious safety risks and will result in immediate disqualification. During any running segments, we prefer for athletes to NOT use music devices to maximize safety, assure a fair competitive environment and assure athletes can hear all course marshal instructions. With that said, we also understand that many athletes rely on music to help endure the challenge of running.  To accommodate the needs of our athletes while still assuring maximum safety and a fair, competitive environment, here is the arrangement that we can accommodate.
•    If you chose to use a personal music device, you must always keep one ear open for instructions so only one ear-bud can be used at any time. In addition, if you opt to use music, you will not be eligible for awards, points and rankings.  So as an athlete, you have to make a choice…music or awards/points/rankings.
•    If you are using a personal music devise with two earbuds, you will be immediately disqualified. Trust us, we don’t want to have to enforce a disqualification but in order to assure the safety of all athletes, this is a very important rule.  
•    We also request that if you chose to use a personal music device that you keep the volume to a minimum to assure all instructions can be heard.

How does the Relay Division work for the Duathlon? After body marking, please place your gear and bikes at the designated "Relay" area in the Transition. Biker will place Biking sticker on bike and helmet and runner will wear bib for Ru1 & Run2. During competition, you must tag (touch finger tips) at the designated Team Start location upon finishing or starting your segment of the event.  VERY IMPORTANT:  If you are the cyclist or 2nd runner, please be very careful NOT to cross any timing mats as you are wandering around prior to the start of your individual leg.  If you cross a mat after the race has begun, your time will start at the time you stepped on the mat. We want you to have a good race and accurate results, and it is very important to understand this element of the timing process. Team runner #1 and cyclists must turn in their Timing Chip at the finish line or to a Why Racing Events volunteer at the Team Start location in the transition. Be sure to all go to the finish line to cheer on your last runner so you can all collect your medals!

Will there be on-site mechanical/bike support? Yes, Athletes Lounge will be on-site to provide high quality Bike Service/repairs, parts, and accessories for sale.

Where can I find lost items? Any equipment that is unmarked will be returned to the stage during the event. After the event, we will take to the Why Racing office and you can contact us to locate. Please come to the event with all personal belongings well marked with your name.

What should I do if my shirt doesn't fit? If the size of the shirt you ordered does not fit, we will be hosting a 'Shirt Swap” after the event at the Information area. We cannot guarantee you will be able to swap, since it will depend on left over shirts, but we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Do I have to use a road or racing bike for the Duathlon?  No. We welcome any type of bike as long as it is functioning properly with brakes and endcaps at the end of your handlebars.

Do I have to run?  No, you could walk, jog, wog, hop or prance your way to the finish line.  As long as you get there under your own volition, that is acceptable!

Will there be water on the course?  Water Aid Stations will be at the Turnaround spots on both Run1 and Run2 for the Duathlon. You will have to carry your own hydration and fuel on your bike during the bike courses. Energy Drink and Gel will be available at the Aid station on Run2. Water and Aid stations will be located at approximately every 2 miles along the Half Marathon, 10k & 5k courses.

Will there be bathrooms on the course? We've ordered Porta-potties for the start/finish! Hopefully, the lines will be minimal plus you can use the restrooms located in Home Depot and 7/11. For the Duathlon, since this is a shorter race and you return back to the transition area multiple times, there are no bathrooms along the course. We will have a couple porta potties located along the run courses at mile 3 and mile 7/9.

Where should I tell my friends and family to go to cheer me on? The best approach for your family, friends and cheerleaders is to park at Concordia also. They can see you start and finish along 112th. To watch Duathletes, supporters can take a short walk to Marine and see you run back, bike out, bike past you, bike in, run out and finish! Tons of action for them! Or they can just hang in the Home Depot parking lot after you start and then they can sit and enjoy the music and watch Duathletes run in, bike out, bike in, and then head to the finish line to watch you finish. Be sure to tell them to make signs for you, bring cowbells, and bring you flowers for the finish. Especially if this is your first race, you’ve got to celebrate! It’s a big accomplishment!

Since Marine Drive will be closed, it will be difficult for supporters to watch you anywhere else along the course.

Are Dogs allowed on course? Unfortunately due to insurance requirements, only Service Dogs are allowed on course and must start at the end of the race after all other participants have started.

Are strollers allowed on run course? Yes, but due to insurance requirements, strollers must start at the end of the race after all other participants have started. Be very careful and aware of your fellow athletes as some areas are narrow.

Travel & Accommodations

Out of Town Guests: Fly into Portland (PDX) - The event location is about 10 minutes from Airport.

Vesta Properties is our premier lodging partner. Their properties near this venue are:

Staybridge Suites- 1 mile from the start/finish
11936 NE Glenn Widing Dr.
Portland, OR 97220
Please use Corporate ID: 786822239 if booking online, or mention Why Racing if booking by phone.

Country Inn and Suites- 2 miles from the start/finish
7025 NE Alderwood Rd.
Portland, OR 97218
Please use this link if booking online WRACE, or reference WRACE if booking by phone.

Homewood Suites- 14 miles from the start/finish
701 SE Columbia Shores Blvd.
Vancouver, WA 98661
Please use Corporate ID:003081430 if booking online, or mention Why Racing if booking by phone.

Portland Oregon Visitors Association: www.travelportland.com

Portland has so much to offer so come for the entire weekend and make it a fun and memorable RACE-cation! Although a weekend is not nearly enough to see all the beauty in this area, so feel free to extend your stay or be sure to come back for one of our other local races. You can check off one bucket list item each time you visit - there really is that much to see!


Portland is known for it's fabulous restaurants and night life. We would love to suggest Deschutes Brewery, one of our season partners who support Running, Triathlon & Multi-sport races all year! http://www.deschutesbrewery.com/

Click here to check out some other popular options.

Course Details

HALF MARATHON, 10K & 5K: The run courses are fast and flat along the Columbia River waterfront path. The course is so scenic that the miles will fly by!

Spring Classic/Home Depot 5k

A flat and fast course on Marine Drive (closed to traffic) overlooking the Columbia River.

Spring Classic/Home Depot 10K

The first 5k will be on Marine Drive (closed to traffic) with the next 5k along the Columbia River waterfront pathway. The course is flat, fast and extremely scenic!

Spring Classic/Home Depot HALF MARATHON

The first 5k will be on Marine Drive (closed to traffic) with the next 10 miles along the Columbia River waterfront pathway. The course is flat, fast and extremely scenic!

We believe this is one of the prettiest courses in the Northwest! You’ll be running and biking along the mighty Columbia River with magnificent views of Mt. Hood. Both runs will be out & back 5K's, flat and fast on Marine Drive. The bike is 15 miles, flat & fast, also on Marine Drive (semi-closed to traffic). 

5K RUN1: Mass start on 112th. Turn Left (west) onto Marine drive (running on the road on the river side). Turn around at the half way and run back to the transition along the south side of Marine drive.


Once you are on Marine Drive, then bust it out and go as fast as you like! You will head East on Marine drive until the Turn around at about 185th. Then you will ride West continuing past 112th (transition area) until the 2nd turn around before 33rd. Then ride back towards the start/finish area remembering to ride single file once on 112th and onto the path into transition area.

5K RUN2: You will leave the transition area and run along 112th to Marine Drive. You will turn Right (East) along the Marine Drive pathway until the turn around and then run back to the start/finish. In the event you are starting your run past 10:20am, you will be asked to run west along the waterfront trail to the 1.5mile turn-around location to assure you are off Marine drive once we are requiired to open the roads.

Please be careful as you enter and exit the transition area and the Home Depot Parking Lot. There will be runners and bikers going in opposite directions and some areas are tight. We will cone off the separate lanes but remember to ride/run safely and watch out for each other. There will be Portland Police, dedicated volunteers, and members of the Why Racing Events Crew on the course to help direct you and provide safety.

Click here to view Run1

Click here to view the Bike Course

Click here to view Run2

Cost, Registration & Packet Pickup



By Dec 31

Jan 1 – Feb 29

Mar 1 – April 22












Half Marathon










Duathlon Relay





Cost Includes

  • Commemorative T-shirt
  • Finisher Medal
  • ChampionChip™ Timing
  • Awards/prizes
  • Post-race refreshments including Brunch & Deschutes Brewery Beer - WILL RUN FOR BEER!
  • Music
  • Early season competition
  • Sense of Accomplishment
  • Sense of pride knowing you're helping out a number of school and sports programs

NOTE: T-shirts guaranteed to participants who have registered by March 24.  Quantities and sizes will be limited after March 24 (no reorder of shirts will be made).

Registration Details

It's time to make the commitment and put purpose to your training! Registration is available through a secure online registration platform generally until 2 days prior to packet pickup or by downloading a printable registration form and sending by mail postmarked at least 10 days prior to race day. If you have any registration questions or have transferred from previous years, be sure to email us at registration@whyracingevents.com so we can help you and to confirm your registration asap!


Can I register on Race Day?  Yes, but if you can, please register ahead of time. It gets so busy on race day and we want to focus all of our energy on taking care of all of our athletes  But again, if you come down and you really want to race and weren’t able to pre-register for whatever reason, we will take care of you. Ideally, sign up ahead of time so we can pre-order tshirt sizes and everything we need so we’re not guessing on total numbers. You know what it’s like when you’re trying to host a party and you don’t know who and how many are coming! Thanks so much for understanding!

Can someone else pick up my racing packet? Yes, however, you must complete and print this authorization form to allow them to pick up your packet and send them with your ID. This form will confirm that you will be the individual participating in the event and that you agree to not allow anyone else to race on your behalf. For insurance and liability reasons, we cannot make any exceptions.

Can I get a refund? There are no refunds issued for your registration however, we do understand that things come up that are beyond your control. As a customer service initiative, we do offer the ability to transfer your registration to next year's event, another upcoming Why Racing Event that year or to transfer your registration to another participant. Most events don't allow transfers or refunds at all so this is a courtesy we offer to our participants. If you are transferring your registration to someone else, you must let us know so we can update their emergency contact info and to assure the credibility of results. If you don’t let us know, it messes up everyones' results because they may be in a different age group or division! Anyone running under someone else's name will be disqualified and not eligible for an award/trophy and you may be fined.

DEFER OR TRANSER policy: If you are unable to race due to medical reasons or a simple change of schedule, athletes may defer their general race entry slot to the same race the following year, transfer to another Why Racing Event that year or transfer their entry to another athlete. Deferrals or transfers do not carry over beyond one year. Note: This deferral or transfer only covers the race entry fee. USAT one day passes, processing fees and online registration fees will not be included in your credit. In order to defer or transfer your registration you will need to e-mail us at registration@whyracingevents.com with your Full Name, Race Venue, Race Distance and desired changes.

  • You can defer or transfer your entry outside of 61 days from the event for no fee.
  • You can defer or transfer your entry between 60 and 30 days of the event for a $10 fee (running only event) or $25 fee (multi-sport event).
  • You can defer or transfer your entry within 29 days or less of the event for a $25 fee (running only event) or $50 fee (multi-sport event).
  • Athletes wishing to defer or transfer to another race or participant, will be provided with a unique entry code and must re-register for the event. Athletes are not guaranteed registration if the race sells out before they attempt to enter.
  • There is only one transfer or defer allowed per original registration.
  • If transferring from a race with a higher entry fee to race with a lower entry fee, the athlete will receive no refund of the difference in the fees.
  • If transferring from a race with a lower entry fee to race with a higher entry fee, the athlete will be required to pay the difference of these two race fees.
  • Athletes who are not annual USAT members will be required to purchase a USAT single day membership for the event that they transfer into. USAT rules do not allow single day memberships to be transferred between events.
INTRA-EVENT TRANSFER POLICY: If you wish to transfer your own entry within an event to another distance, you will need to e-mail registration@whyracingevents.com.
  • You can change your distance within an event outside of 61 days from the event for no fee.
  • You can change your distance within an event between 60 days or less of the event for a $10 fee.
Can I register by mail? Yes, please complete, print and mail-in this Printable Registration Form 10 days prior to race day to the following address and make Checks payable to Why Racing Events Inc. Please list the event name you are registering for on the memo line on the check.

Why Racing Events Inc.
1011 Broadway, Vancouver WA 98660

Register Now

Call 360.574.7292 for more information

Packet Pickup Details


Saturday, April 23rd from 10am to 4pm at:
Athletes Lounge
2671 NW Vaughn St.
Portland, OR 97210

DAY OF RACE PACKET PICKUP will take place at the race site from 6:30am until 30 minutes prior to individual race at Home Depot parking lot at 11633 NE Glen Widing Drive, Portland, OR.

Note: Parking for athletes will be in the area in front of Concordia College. Please park in front of Concordia College to leave parking in front of Home Depot for their clients. Thank you!

Training & Preparation

Ok, Step #1. Register! That puts purpose to your training and forces you to commit - an important part of getting to the finish line!

Step #2. It's time to train!  Yes, we want you to get to the finish line feeling strong, healthy, reaching for your best, and injury free!

One way to help your training is to join a local running, biking or Tri club, clinic or training studio. Here is a list of resources to assist you with your training and preparation:

Running Clubs:

Biking Clubs:

Triathlon Training Clubs:

Personal Training & Coaches

WHAT TO DU (PUN INTENDED!): If this is your first Duathlon, just focus on having fun. Get there early so you can set up your bike and gear in your marked transition spot. Rack your bike, place your helmet and glasses on the handle bar ready to put on. Place a towel on the ground and put your cycling cleats on it (if you wear cycling cleats). Remember, you should only take about 1.5 feet of space in your area. If you take more space than this, you will get some raised eyebrows from the veterans. Just remember that there’s lots of cyclists that have to fit their bikes and gear in a small area so don’t spread out too much. Now take the time to study the transition area. Where do you start, run in, bike in, bike out, run out and finish? Understand the flow. Memorize where your bike is racked. Feel free to ask questions to the Why Racing Event Crew – they are there to help you! Once the race starts, the first run isn’t the one that’s really tough on most duathletes so feel free to go hard or take it easy. When you finish the first run in the transition area, you will run to your bike, put on your helmet and glasses, change shoes if needed and follow instructions from course marshals to direct you around the transition area out the exit. You will be instructed to mount your bike and you’re off exiting safely, single file back to Marine Drive. Once you’re on Marine Drive, bike as hard as you like but take the last mile or so to ride in an easier gear and flush out your legs a bit. That will help your second run a ton! When you arrive back at the transition area, you will be asked to dismount your bike and then run to your transition spot. You will rack your bike, take off your helmet and then change shoes if needed. Then you’re off for your second run. This is the run that is typically more challenging. Yes, your legs will feel heavy and tired. Feel free to go easy and take walk breaks if needed. It usually takes some time but your legs will start feeling better and you can ease into your normal pace. Duathletes prepare for this tough transition by practicing this type of Bike/Run workout appropriately called a ‘Brick Workout’ because your legs feel like bricks when running after cycling. But the more you practice, the easier that transition becomes. So when first starting out, don’t be so hard on yourself if it feels really tough – it gets better! Once your cross the finish line – CELEBRATE! You did it! Wear your medal and finishers’ shirt proudly! WAY TO GO!

For you Runners - General Running Program Design: If you are going to attempt this on your own or would like a better understanding of proper training protocol, here are a few general guidelines for designing your training program.

  1. If you are not running consistently right now, start with a Learn to Run program that will start with 1 minute of running and 4 minutes of walking and gradually progress adding 1 minute of running per session per week and reduce walking until you can comfortably run non-stop.
  2. As you progress your weekly long runs, do not increase your volume any more than 10-20% every 1-2 weeks.  Be more conservative if you are more prone to injury.
  3. Try not to run 2 days in a row if possible.  Running exposes your body to a lot of impact and it is helpful to allow your body time to recover in between running workouts, especially if you are prone to injury.
  4. Allow for one full recovery day per week. It doesn’t mean you have to lay around watching TV and eating bon bons all day but it’s a good idea to have one day a week when you aren’t concerned about getting into your training zone and instead, allow your body a day’s rest from impact and intensity.
  5. Invest in a good pair of running shoes and consult with an expert to help determine the right show for your body.  Check out the following column where I discuss in detail the key pointers on getting the right running shoe for you.  http://blogs.columbian.com/sherri-mcmillan/2014/07/22/choosing-right-athletic-shoes/
  6. If possible, run on packed, level dirt, trails, or grass, which are a lot easier on your body.  If running through the city, paved roads (asphalt) are easier on your legs than concrete sidewalks (cement).  Just watch for traffic and always run in the opposite direction of cars so you can react if needed.
  7. Implement muscle strength and endurance training into your program.  As you run, the muscles of your lower body absorb the forces.  As your muscles fatigue, they lose their shock absorbing abilities and the forces are absorbed more through your bones and joints.  If you strength train, your muscles become stronger, are better able to absorb impact, take longer to fatigue and are better able to generate greater force leading to faster running speeds.  The ability of a muscle to resist fatigue helps reduce the incidence of injury. Research has shown the areas that suffer the largest amount of stress include the feet, the shins, the back, knees and the hip.  Therefore, a specific program that addresses these areas must be followed if long-term running is a goal.  Luckily you don't need to spend a great deal of time in the weight room to experience these benefits.  All you'll need to do is 1 set of 8-20 reps of a variety of exercises two times per week.  This equates to about 30-60 minutes a few times a week.  We're hoping that those of you who want to minimize your risk for injury and enhance your running performance, will be able to find the motivation and time to fit these short workouts in.  If you do not have a personalized weight training program, we strongly encourage you to invest in a few sessions with a trainer, so they can design a program for you.  This will ensure you’re not wasting any time during your workouts.
  8. Incorporate cross training into your program.  We'd rather see a runner run 3x/week and compliment their program with swimming, cycling, resistance training and fitness classes rather than run 6x/week.  Cross training will maintain a greater balance to your program and your body and keep your program exciting.
  9. Consider how you run.  Seems easy enough right? Right foot, left foot.  But there is actually a science to it.  Go to the following link for a blog about Effective Running Technique. http://www.shapeupwithsherri.com/2014/09/29/running-program-week-8/ In fact, there is an 11 week Running Program series chock full of great information for those of you who are starting your running career! :)
  10. Before you begin any run or run/walk workout, start with a 6-12 minute walk.  This will allow your heart rate and breathing rate to increase gradually, your body temperature to rise and prepare your muscles for the workout.  Once you've completed your warm-up, complete the following dynamic joint movements to take your lower body joints through their full range of motion in a slow, controlled fashion.

    • Start with one leg in front of the other.
    • Raise the back heel up onto your toes and contract the calf.  Repeat 10-15x.
    • Now lift the entire back foot off the floor and contract the glute (buttock).  Repeat 10-15x
    • Now lift the back heel towards the buttocks and contract the hamstrings (back of the thigh).  Repeat 10-15x.
    • Now lift the knee forwards and contract the quads (front of thigh).  Repeat 10-15x.
    • Now hold your knee up and balance while doing 10 ankle circles one way and then the other way. 
      Repeat this sequence on the other leg.
      Then perform a 20 fast toe taps on each leg and 20 heel raises. 
      You're now ready to start your workout.  Ease into your training zone.
    • Once you have completed each workout including warm-up and cool-down, be sure you save enough time to lengthen and release.  This is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your chances of experiencing injuries and to aid in the recovery process. If you don’t foam roll regularly, please a local trainer/coach or call us at 360.574.7292 so we can schedule you in to show you a few critical release techniques.


  • Eat well the week before the event. Drink lots of water to ensure you're well hydrated and stock up on healthy fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein sources. Dinner the two nights before should be a balanced diet of carbs, protein and fat to provide you with sustainable energy. If you know a certain meal has worked in the past, stick with it! And get plenty of rest!
  • On race morning, your pre-race meal should contain easily digestible carbohydrates (ie. Oatmeal, fruit, energy bar) and should be eaten 1-4 hours before the event. Don't eat anything new. Eat what’s worked in the past. You don't want any unexpected surprises or digestive upsets.
  • During the event, take water at each of the aid stations. Even just a few sips will help. Gels and energy drink will be available for those participating in the longer events.
  • Post event - Be sure to get some fluids into your system right away. Start with water and energy drink and then transition to Deschutes Brewery – it’s time to celebrate! Definitely consume some of the fruit, soup, rolls, and energy bars that we will provide within 1 hour of finishing the event. This will help you recover much more quickly and replenish those depleted carbs in your muscles. Then later in the day - eat what you want (within reason). You deserve it! :)

HAVE FUN! As you travel to the race, repeat some positive self-statements about how good you feel and how excited you are about the event. Smile and get yourself in a good frame of mind. Remember to enjoy the experience. Try your best, but remember to pace yourself! You've already won just by showing up!

INSPIRE: One of the best things you can do to help others have an enjoyable experience is to offer lots of support and praise to all your fellow athletes. As you pass someone, tell them how great they’re doing! And as you're getting passed, tell them how strong they look. Cheer each other on, it makes the time pass by quickly and empowers you and everyone else on the course!

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Our Partners

Deschutes Brewery is the Official Craft Beer Sponsor at all Why Racing Events. They provide varieties of their adventurous, award-winner lineup of hand-crafted beers for the athletes after the races and generously donate product for prizes. Deschutes Brewery is a strong supporter of various community events so when you're reaching for a beer, enjoy DB to thank them for their support of our sport, our athletes and our community.
Visit their site

Established in 1996, Vesta Hospitality, LLC is a fully integrated hotel development and hospitality management company based in Vancouver, Washington. Offering a complete range of services, including hotel management, hotel development and purchasing, Vesta Hospitality leverages its team's more than 100 years of combined experience to drive maximum profitability for your investment. Rick, Kari and their team, have a proven record for supporting community events.  When you need a great place to stay, enjoy one of their properties at a discounted rate and support a company that supports our sport, our athletes and our community.
Visit their site

AthletesLounge.com is the NW premier online Triathlon website with options for beginners to elite athletes. Look for monthly features and multiple product specials
Visit their site

For 15 years, Fleet Feet Sports PDX has been a locally owned and operated specialty store dedicated to providing the Portland and Southwest Washington communities with superior products, excellent service, and unique events. Whether you are a runner, a walker, or anyone looking for a lifetime of fitness, then Fleet Feet Sports PDX is your store.
Visit their site

Home Depot means home improvement. Their goal is to provide the highest level of service, the broadest selection of products and the most competitive prices. They are a values-driven company with eight core values of: excellent customer service, taking care of their people, giving back, doing the "right" thing, creating shareholder value, respect for all people, entrepreneurial spirit, and building strong relationships.
Visit their site

Franz Bakery is a long-time valued partner of Why Racing Events. Franz Bakery is a fourth generation, family-owned baking company based in Portland, specializing in fresh and delicious bread, buns, bagels, cookies and pastries including healthy, organic, gluten-free options. And being a true NW bakery, their products include only the highest quality ingredients, baked fresh daily!

Franz is graciously providing bread for yummy breakfast sandwiches, doughnuts, pastries, and goody bag cookies for all Spring Classic participants.  So race hard so you can earn your Franz goodies!
Visit their site

There’s healthy. There’s tasty. Then there’s healthy and tasty. KIND® believes you deserve both—they call it their brAND philosophy. What began with just 8 bar varieties in 2004 has grown to over 22 bars and 6 Healthy Grains snackable clusters, and a multitude of new recipes being perfected and refined to high standards in the KIND® kitchen. So whether your snacking style is choosy or adventurous (or a little bit of both), here’s something to celebrate: Kind will always be thinking up new ways to delight your taste buds and keep your body happy.

A big thank you to Kind for their healthy and nutritious bars that they donated for your goody bags and for the finish line keeping you fueled with great energy!
Visit their site

Alpenrose Dairy is celebrating their 100 year anniversary. They are family owned and operated in Portland and have a long tradition of of providing the very best. All Alpenrose Dairy products are kosher and come farm fresh with no added hormones.

Thank you to Alpenrose for generously providing Chocolate Milk for the finish line to help with your muscle recovery!
Visit their site

Suja believes that best-quality, clean juice is a grocery not a luxury. We’re talking cold-pressured, always organic, never (ever) GMO, chemical-free, filler-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, juice without the junk. Because if it’s not all of those things, it’s not worth it. All three lines of Suja juices and smoothies are cold-pressured using High Pressure Processing (HPP) to kill harmful bacteria and preserve maximum nutrition and taste. Get some Suja in you so you can get back to living a long, beautiful life. Check out our three product lines – Classic, Elements & Suja – and drink the love at a store near you.

Suja Juice is generously providing organic, cold-pressed juices for all Spring Classic participants!
Visit their site

The mission of University of Western States is to improve the health of society and advance the science and art of integrated health care through leadership and excellence in health sciences education, service, and the enhancement of knowledge through research and scholarship. University of Western States is committed to improving the quality of human life. They are a leader in education and health care, renowned for their programs, facilities and people. They achieve excellence through transformative practices in teaching and learning, scholarship, wellness promotion, and by fostering professional and community relationships.

University of Western States is our medical and massage provider for the Spring Classic. Our partnership allows for the highest standard of medical care for our athletes.
Visit their site

Peter Clarke and his crew at ANC movers are professional, hard-working and reliable. They have been assisting Why Racing events with pick up and drop off of event equipment for 10 years! When you have any moving needs, call ANC movers and be rest-assured your valuable items will be taken care of!
Visit their site

Partnership Opportunities

Our athletes – triathletes, duathletes, runners, walkers, cyclists – are active, educated, middle to high income earners who are committed to their fitness while also supporting our community. They are loyal to brands that support their mission towards a healthy body, mind, spirit and world.

These athletes are strong consumers of:

  • Health & Wellness services such as Massage, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Natural Medicine, Acupuncture, Personal Training and Coaching. They break it down and need you to build it back up again and keep them healthy, fit and strong.
  • Bicycles – A Triathlete will often spend more money on their bike and accessories than they do on vital services!
  • Running Shoes – Every runner/triathlete recognizes the importance of a good pair of shoes and once they connect and have success with your brand, they become die-hard, loyal customers and brand ambassadors by default.
  • Active Gear & Clothing – Runners & Triathletes will spend a lot of money on tights, compression socks, waterproof clothing, running vests, water-proof jackets, hats, and gloves that make them more comfortable and able to endure the elements better. They also love shirts with fun, witty captions!
  • Technical Gadgets – Runners & Triathletes are often technological geeks and love GPS systems and downloadable products that allow them to track and analyze their performances
  • Energy Drinks, Bars & Jells – Competitive athletes require healthy, quick energy products and when they find the product that works for them, they rarely waiver and again become brand ambassadors and advocates.
  • Fast, cool cars – Runners & Triathletes have a need for speed and it’s not limited to their bikes. They love cool, fast, sporty vehicles that allow them to get outdoors!
  • Beer & Wine – Yes, serious athletes do enjoy drinking! Isn’t that why they train so hard?!
  • Restaurants – They train hard & eat big to refuel. They are often foodies always looking for the next go-to restaurant.
  • Financial Services – They are an educated, wealthy group and are smart enough to know they need to develop a plan for their financial future

Why Racing Events Inc., is the largest producers of Multi-Sport Events in the Northwest. We can provide you with the opportunity to gain brand recognition and loyalty of thousands of triathletes, runners, cyclists and walkers. We value businesses that provide high-quality products and relevant services which allow our athletes to thrive and to achieve their goals. We look for partnerships with companies which are creative and which help enhance our events and our athletes’ experiences.

We take our partnerships very seriously and recognize that both parties must benefit to assure a win:win arrangement. We offer a diverse range of sponsorship packages tailored to align seamlessly with your company’s marketing goals and provide a dynamic environment for delivering your corporate message and introducing your relevant products or services to this desirable target audience.

  • Title, Presenting, Gold, Silver, Bronze & Copper Penny options – We can tailor a sponsorship package to work with your budget!
  • Vendor Opportunities – Get face to face with our athletes and their family & friends and showcase your products and/or services
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
    • Logo and link placement on Website, Event Pages and Social media
    • Recognition in email and direct athlete correspondence
    • Logo and link placement on Website, Event Pages and Social media platforms
    • Logo on event promotional fliers and posters
    • Logo on event products – ie t-shirts, goody bags, water bottles
    • Coupon/Promotional material in goody bags or online virtual goody bags
    • Company banners posted at events
    • Sponsor recognition during race announcements

For information on vendor opportunities at specific events and sponsorship opportunities for Why Racing Events Inc. please contact us at sponsorships@whyracingevents.com or complete the information below.

We’re always happy to discuss the possibilities of creating a win/win partnership with you!

  • Please check the box below to confirm you're a real person:


This event requires a ton of volunteers so if you can help recruit friends, family, companies, churches, or sports teams to help that would be extremely helpful. They will get front row seats to all the action! You can earn $20 Race Credit towards future events by volunteering or recruiting volunteers for us!

In addition, our events offer a terrific fundraising opportunity for a club/organization (non-profit) and a fun, inspiring way to encourage and support the athletes that participate in these events. Under our fundraising program, $20-$25 will be paid to the non-profit organization for each volunteer 4-6+hour shift depending on our needs. All the volunteers will also get a snack, gift, goody bag and be able to enjoy the post-race festivities.

We typically need about 100 volunteers per day for most events with tasks such as water stations, course marshals, food prep, finish line, set up and clean up.

Online Volunteer Sign-up link

If you or your group is interested in volunteering you can sign up for the link above and pick the time and task you want, email volunteer@whyracingevents.com or complete the information below. If you have any questions, please email volunteer@whyracingevents.com

And remember, there's no way we could host this event without the help and support of our volunteer team. Many have dedicated hours and hours of time to this event to assure the safety of our athletes and make the event more enjoyable. So be extra-nice to anyone helping out. Thank them as often as possible because we have been told we have the best volunteers ever and we want them to all come back next year!

Fields marked with an * are required


Check out the SPRING CLASSIC BLING you will receive once you cross the finish line!

Check out the awesome SWAG for Spring Classic!  You'll get a technical shirt, fabulous medal, a Why Racing Water Bottle and Why Racing Draw String Bag full of goodies!

Results & Photos

1/2 Marathon

Archive Results

Download your FREE Race Photos!

Congratulations all you Spring Classic athletes,

I hope you have recovered from your incredible race on Sunday! Thank you SO much for participating and being such an inspiration to so many!

Here’s some of our highlights:

  • THE WEATHER! How did that happen?! The weather forecasts were calling for heavy rain and lightning and we were somehow blessed with an incredible day for racing. Huge thanks to all those prayers and sunshine dancing! Clearly it worked miracles!
  • The Scenery – I was riding around on my bike making sure everything was running smooth and I was looking around admiring the beautiful views including the Columbia river, Mt. Hood, the Portland airport as planes were taking off and the interstate bridge and thinking, it can’t get any better than this!
  • HOME DEPOT! Can we give some major kudos to Home Depot! The venue is absolutely perfect for our race and it’s so wonderful that they bring out their patio furniture creating a wonderful backyard ambiance. I saw many of you sitting back, chilling, and enjoying your post event beer basting in the sun.  What a wonderful sight! And I can’t tell you how awesome it was for us as event directors whenever we would realize we forgot something or needed more zip ties or duct tape, we were right there to shop. So when you need some new gardening or Do it Yourself Home Renovation supplies, head on over to Home Depot and let them know you’re shopping there because they support our community, sports and athletes like you! And FYI, sweet Seclenda, who stepped in to sing the National Anthem last minute, was just a trooper working her butt off to help make sure Spring Classic was a big success!
  • The finisher’s shirts look really great on all of you. Wear them proudly! Did you like the medal? It was big and sparkly and really highlighted our beautiful course! How about your new Why Racing draw-string bag and water bottle? Did you also notice your new Why Racing vehicle decal – put it on your vehicle as a reminder of your accomplishments and you may just inspire someone else to go for it too! Did you notice the Dutch brothers Free coffee/drink card that you can redeem in your goody bag? There was all kinds of great goodies in your bag – we love giving great SWAG!
  • Deschutes Brewery Beer - Multi-sport athletes love to replenish their fluids post-race! And they walk their talk at DB – many of their staff were on course racing to earn their beer!
  • Brunch – Was that yummy or what?! Yogurt and granola bar, Scrambled egg and bacon sandwiches, Pasties from Franz Bakery, Alpenrose Dairy chocolate milk, Kind Bars, Suja Juice and more!
  • The Speed – Congratulations to all the Age Group and Division winners and of course, congratulations to anyone who crossed the finish line of any race because regardless of how you place, you are a WINNER for just DUing it! We like to celebrate the very last, the very first and everyone in between! With that said, it sure is so impressive to watch the speedsters race!  Here are your Spring Classic Champions:

Duathlon: Check out the times of your Top 2 Male Champions. Yep, exact same time! It was literally a sprint to the finish with Birkin overtaking John by a hair! It was definitely an exciting photo finish! And check out the Top 3 Female Champions – it was an O2 Endurance Team sweep of the podium!

Duathlon Male Champions:

  1. Birkin Owart from Ellensburg WA, Age 26, Overall Time 1:17:27
  2. John Banks from Happy Valley, OR, Age 33, Overall Time 1:17:27
  3. Leighton Overson from Sedro Woolley, WA, Age 36, Overall Time 1:19:33

Masters Champion - Kerry Farrell from Federal Way, WA, Age 55, Overall Time 1:21:14

Duathlon Female Champions:

  1. Juliet Hochman from Portland OR, Age 49, Overall Time 1:25:48
  2. Janet Howard from Portland OR, Age 55, Overall Time 1:29:04
  3. Remy Maguire from Portland OR, Age 36, Overall Time 1:29:30

Masters Champion - Laura Wiley from Beaverton OR, Age 43, Overall Time 1:30:18

Half Marathon Male Champions:

  1. Tanner Barlow from Vancouver, WA, age 32, Overall Time 1:28:53
  2. Ethan Jordan from Portland, OR, age 42, Overall Time 1:30:31
  3. Craig Dukes from Mcminnville, OR, age 36, Overall Time 1:32:56

Masters Champion - John Gonzales from Hubbard, OR, age 51, Overall Time 1:36:08

Half Marathon Female Champions:

  1. Kelly Cole from Vancouver, WA, age 37, Overall Time 1:36:11
  2. Megan Boscacci from Lake Oswego, OR, age 44, Overall Time 1:47:21
  3. Madeleine Laws from Portland, OR, age 26, Overall Time 1:49:51

Masters Champion - Megan Boscacci from Lake Oswego, age 44, Overall Time 1:47:21

10k Male Champions: (FYI - Run was a little long and closer to 6.55 miles)

  1. Christopher Meeker from Gresham, OR, age 24, Overall Time 43:23
  2. Michael Popil from Dulles, VA, age 38, Overall Time 51:38
  3. Bryan Dainty from Vancouver, WA, age 45, Overall Time 58:00

Masters Champion - Jeff Tarras from Stratford, WI, age 62, Overall Time 0:59:13

10k Female Champions: (FYI - Run was a little long and closer to 6.55 miles)

  1. Angela Walden from Vancouver, WA, age 30, Overall Time 52:38
  2. Carrie Fieweger from Vancouver, WA, age 38, Overall Time 53:37
  3. Kelsey Swift from Wilsonvile, OR, age 28, Overall Time 56:42

Masters Champion - Harpreet Virk from Olympia, WA, Age 43, Overall Time 58:55

5k Male Champions:

  1. Joe Mathias from Vancouver, WA, age 36, Overall Time - 22:20
  2. Craig Brewer from Portland, OR, age 55, Overall Time - 23:33
  3. Joe Beekman from Fairview, OR, age 40, Overall Time - 25:04

Masters Champion - Mike Foy from Vancouver, WA , age 44, Overall Time - 26:48 (Way to represent Deschutes Brewery Mike!)

5k Female Champions:

  1. Michelle Olson from Portland, OR, age 43, Overall Time - 27:30
  2. Kristina Wise from Portland, OR, age 50, Overall Time - 27:50
  3. Bev Klason from Portland, OR, age 70, Overall Time - 29:33

Masters Champion - Nancy Nelson from Vancouver, WA, age 55, Overall Time - 31:57

  • We love to see people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels participate. We also loved seeing all the Duathlon Relay Teams doing the event together…there were father/daughter, father/son, husband/wives, friends’ teams and more. What a great way to spend some active, quality time together!
  • Massage – wasn’t it awesome to have all the local massage, chiropractic, and physio businesses in the expo so you could relax and enjoy some muscle-release post race.
  • Volunteers: We are biased but we are convinced we have the best volunteers and Why Racing Event Crew on the planet! Love them all and thank them for their time and giving, caring personality.
  • There is absolutely no way we could have pulled this event together without the support from our Sponsors. So please join us in thanking Home Depot * 7/11 * Dutch Brothers * Concordia * Deschutes Brewery * KIND Snacks * Franz Bread * Athletes Lounge (Bike Tech/Bike Support) *Western States University * ANC Moving * Northwest Personal Training * * Alpenrose Dairy *Suja Juice * RaceCenter NW * Why Racing Events, and the various vendors - and the best way to thank these companies is to do business with them and to let them know you're doing business with them because you appreciate the support they have given to the 32nd Annual Spring Classic Du.

Let’s Be Friends: If you haven’t liked our Facebook page yet, do so at https://www.facebook.com/WhyRacingEvents We’ve already posted a bunch of photos for you to review!

Please take our Survey: Please take a moment to complete our survey to help us do better next year. Adding the runs this year to the Duathlon event added a few more logistics that were new to us. We already realize a few things we can do better next year such as use taller Candlesticks at the intersection of Marine & 112th where there was a lot of action to make it really clear where you need to go, use fencing and better directional signage and volunteers to direct you once you cross the finish line to get you safely back to the Home Depot parking lot and the post-event festivities. We also apologize for the delays with Results and the Award ceremony. The Timing Company that we use had some issues that delayed the Results. We also had some power and sound system issues that affected our ability to make all the announcements we planned so we apologize for any confusion you may have had. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6HJ3DNX

Thanks again for being the type of people who do what you need to do to be at your best and get involved to make our community better! You’re definitely an inspiration to many!

With Appreciation,

Sherri McMillan and the Why Racing Event Crew

Here's some Athlete Feedback:

I was impressed with how well the Spring Classic was run. I have run a few dozen races, and this was among the best.

The duathlon was really challenging and super competitive. I enjoyed it enough that I just signed up for Blue Lake. :)

Congratulations on a very successful event.

Howard Heck

  • Date: 04/24/2016

  • Time: 7:45am for Half / 8:00am for 5k & 10k / 9:00am for Duathlon

  • HOME DEPOT: The post-event festivities will take place in the parking lot at Home Depot, 11633 NE Glen Widing Drive, Portland, OR.

    Please park in front of Concordia College to leave parking in front of Home Depot for their customers. – It’s a great venue and we want to keep this partner happy! Thank you!

    Map & Directions: View Map