2022 Scary Run Pre-Race Instructions

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The 7th Annual Scary Run 5K, 10K & Half Marathon is Sunday, October 30th, on HALLOWEEN EVE!!! We expect over 1200 people, so the word got out that this is a super fun, family-friendly, festive event and a perfect way to launch Halloween! Remember to wear your costume – it’s not mandatory, but it’s the best part of the event! 

There is a lot of important information in this email for you to review – it’s a  long email, but we want to answer all your questions so you can enjoy a  stress-free race. So sometime this week, sit back and relax – may we suggest grabbing a NoMo or Crux Fermentation Project Brew  – review the material and start to get excited for Scary Run. 

Note: Online registration is still open, and prices go up Thursday night at midnight – tell all your friends they can still join in the fun! Forward this email and registration link, and maybe you’ll inspire them to participate! It will be an exciting race day for all! 



Saturday, October 29th, from 10 AM – 6 PM 

Foot Traffic Vancouver 

305 SE Chkalov Dr., Vancouver, WA 98683 

Sunday, October 30th from 7:00 AM – 10 AM 

Reflection Plaza, Pendleton Way, Washougal, WA

Please REMEMBER – Scary Run Packet Pickup is always a busy morning at Registration due to Day of Registration. Please allow yourself plenty of time to pick up your race packets before the race starts. 

Your friends and family can also register to participate in Scary Run at  Packet Pick up. 

NOTE: USATF sanctioning requires you to pick up your own packets. If you cannot make it to Packet  Pickup, you can have someone else pick up your package.  You must sign and print this form and send it with them and a copy of your  ID; both items are required to pick up packets for anyone 18 and over.

DAY OF RACE PACKET PICKUP/REGISTRATION: Packet Pickup/ Registration will be available at the race site from 7:00 AM until 15 minutes before the individual race starts. But it can get so crazy on race day, so please try to pick up materials on Saturday at the times listed above. 

LOCATION & PARKING: Start/Finish and post-race festivities will be in downtown Washougal at Reflection Plaza at Pendleton and Main  Street. Note: Athletes can park along streets in downtown Washougal or the Southside of the Pendleton store parking lot. Please be sure to keep indicated parking spots for Pendleton customers – head on over after your race to take advantage of all of their specials – it’s a very cool store with a lot of history. It has been in business since 1912 at this location! If you want to avoid any delays getting in and out of the area, park West of  Washougal River Road in the residential areas. Now that we have grown to over 1000 athletes, there are plenty of good parking areas if you plan ahead and arrive early. Please do not park in the church parking lot since they have Sunday morning service and leave parking at the Hardware store for their customers. Let’s make sure our event doesn’t negatively affect any local businesses.  

START TIME & WHEN TO ARRIVE: The Half Marathon starts at 8:30 AM, and the 5K & 10K start at 9 am. Try to be at the venue 45-60  minutes before the start of your race to ensure you are present for any important race instructions. Pre-race instructions and special announcements will begin at approximately 8:10 AM for the Half  Marathon. There will be some fun, festive entertainment that you don’t want to miss. Be sure to allow for any parking or traffic delays. 

TIMING: All Runners will wear a Bib that includes a Disposable Chip. Just be sure to wear your Bib Number on the front of your shirt/jacket. 

COURSES: This is a beautiful, fast, flat, and scenic course – perfect for a 

PR! The Half Marathon course will initially take you west on the Washougal Dike Trail as you travel along the Columbia River towards the Port of Camas-Washougal. Then Half  Marathoners will join the 5K and 10K course and run/walk along the mighty  Columbia River with magnificent views of Mt. Hood and finish with an out-and-back section through the industrial area. The river trail is a dirt, gravel path, so a minimalist shoe may not be appropriate for this course. If you would like to study the courses, visit this link to review online maps and images. We will take you slightly off the main trail to provide a few Halloween surprises in the Spooky Forest. Also, watch for the course split that initially takes the 5K/10K east on the Washougal Dike Trail, and the Half Marathoners head west.  Once 5K athletes make it through the Spooky Forest, you get to head west and back to the finish line. WATCH for your turn, or you will get BONUS MILES!!! 10K/Half Marathon athletes head further along the route for your miles. An additional split for the Half Marathoners & 10K athletes will have the Half Marathoners travel further east to pick up more mileage…The final course split where the Half Marathoners complete their out and back section through the industrial area while the  5K/10K athletes continue straight to the finish line. We will have advanced signage and volunteers, but please pay attention. Please do the course that you signed up for, or it negatively affects race results. If you need to change distances, please let us know asap. 

Stay to the right – Be sure to always leave room for athletes to pass you along the trail. Avoid walking/running with multiple athletes abreast as it can make it very difficult to pass.  

Speed Bumps – There are two speed bumps along Pendleton Way as we enter and exit the trail. We will mark them, but please be very careful. They can be hard to see and can trip you if you’re not paying attention.  

Pacers – Thanks to our partnership with Foot Traffic and their ambassador Pacer Team – we have pacers for our Half Marathon. 

Self-seed – If you are fast, start near the front. If you are intermediate, start in the middle. If you are recreational and/or a walker, please start near the back. Parents – unless you know your kid is a cross-country or track star,  please have them start at the back. Kids are notorious for starting at the front, then stopping abruptly, posing a safety risk for themselves and others.

Pacers – We have pacers for the Half Marathon to help you achieve your goal finish time. Line up close to the pacer holding your goal time.  

 MUSIC: During any running segments, we prefer athletes NOT to use music devices to maximize safety, ensure a fair, competitive environment and ensure athletes can hear all course marshal instructions. With that said, we also understand that many athletes rely on music to help endure the challenge of running. To accommodate the needs of our athletes while still  assuring maximum safety and a fair, competitive environment, here is the  arrangement that we can accommodate: 

  • If you choose to use a personal music device, please keep one ear open for instructions so only one earbud can be used at any time. 
  • We also request that you keep the volume to a minimum to ensure all instructions can be heard if you choose to use a personal music device. 

WATER & ENERGY STATIONS: Water Aid Stations will be available approximately every 1.5-2 miles. 

BATHROOM FACILITIES: We’ve ordered Porta-potties for the start/finish, and there are bathrooms located along the trail at Captain William  Park/Cottonwood Beach.  

FINISH LINE All Racers will start and finish at Reflection Plaza in downtown  Washougal. You will LOVE your SPOOK-TACULAR medal. Post-event sweet treats, fruit, pastries, and candy will be waiting for you, and the awards ceremony will occur at Reflection Plaza. 

SHIRT SWAP: We hope you like your Scary Run T-shirt and will wear it as a  reminder of your accomplishment. If the size of the shirt you ordered does not fit, we will be hosting a ‘Shirt Swap” after the event in the  Information/Packet Pickup area. Please do not wear shirts you wish to swap; shirts worn during the event are not exchangeable. We cannot guarantee you will be able to switch since it will depend on leftover shirts, but we will do our best to accommodate your request. 

GEAR CHECK: We suggest you lock up all valuables in your vehicles; however, we will offer a Gear Check at the start/finish area. 

LOST & FOUND: Any unmarked equipment will be returned to the stage during the event. After the event, lost gear will be taken to the Why Racing office, and you can contact us to locate it. Please come to the event with all personal belongings well marked with your name. 

RESULTS: Cascadia Sports Timing will be timing our event. You will be able to find results post-event here. If you click on your personal results link. You will be able to see a video of you crossing the finish line and view and print a Finisher Certificate that will list your time, pace, and placement – a  great reminder of your accomplishment! There will also be Kiosks set up right at the finish line so you can immediately view your results and take a  photo of the screenshot so you can post as soon as you finish. If there are any issues with your results, immediately go to the timing van to correct them before the Awards Ceremony. 

BEER GARDEN: Thank you to our partnership with Bigfoot Inn; your FREE Crux Fermentation Project or NoMo will be served from Bigfoot. Thank you, Bigfoot Inn, for supporting Scary Run and Why Racing Events. 

AFTER PARTY: Head to Ashwood Taps and Trucks at 1535 E Street in Washougal for $2.00 off a pint and an assortment of foot trucks.

VIRTUAL PARTICIPANTS: Virtual Participants can post their results from October 22nd through October 30th at Midnight.  If you have any issues posting results, please email info@whyracingevents.com for additional help. 


AWARDS/PRIZES: The awards ceremony for the 5k will start at 

approximately 10:15 am, the 10k at approximately 10:45 am, and the Half  Marathon at approx. 11:15 am. Awards will be available for the Top 3 Overall  Male & Female and Masters Male & Female (these will be taken out of age groups – no double-dipping!) for all distances. If you finished 1st, 2nd, or  3rd in your age group or division. In that case, you can pick up your special Champion  Medal beside the stage at the Awards Table during the Awards Ceremony. 


Why Racing Events staff will be passing out awards for the  “Best Dressed” throughout the event.

SPECTATORS: The best approach for your family, friends, and cheerleaders is to watch your start and finish on Pendleton and Main street. They can also walk to the trail and see you there. If you are doing the Half Marathon and they want to cheer you along the way, they can also drive to  Cottonwood Beach/Captain Williams Park and see you pass at that location  4 times (twice along the trail and twice as you do the out-and-back through the industrial area). Remind them to drive carefully through the industrial area as runners will be on the road through this section. Be sure to tell them to make signs for you, bring cowbells, and bring you flowers for the finish. Especially if this is your first race, you’ve got to celebrate! It’s a big accomplishment!

FREE PHOTOS: Race photographers will be on-site to capture your event performance. Be sure that your bib number is visible on your front so your photos can be matched to your race number. Watch for the cameras en route and give us a big, cheesy smile, a thumbs up, or a goofy jump – those are always the most fun! Once photos are available, they will be posted on our Scary Run Results & Photos Page; you will be able to download them for FREE. Be sure to use #WHYracing so we can add to our album too, and use #WHYToyota and #ThanksIQ to be entered to win some cool prizes.   

What’s better than FREE Photos?  YOUR photos!  We love to see your race day photos.  Please submit your race day photos HERE to add them to our 2022 Scary Run Photo Album.


FACEBOOK: Can we be friends?! Please like our Why  Racing Events Facebook pages for all event updates, tips, and inspiration if you haven’t yet.  https://www.facebook.com/WhyRacingEvents 

Also, please join the Scary Run Facebook Page, where we will also post results, photos, and any last-minute updates. 


IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR OUR ROOKIES: You probably have a lot of questions! We pulled together some tips that you can access here to help you know what to bring, nutrition tips, and other important race day info. Take your time reviewing it to help assure a fabulous race day experience! 

REMEMBER YOUR WHY: You are all racing for different reasons. Some of you are super competitive and are racing to win overall or in your age group or division. Some of you will just be ecstatic to cross the finish. Some of you are racing to reach for your personal best or to get into great shape.  Some of you are racing to see the fun costumes! Some of you are racing to be able to eat some Halloween candy. Some of you do it for energy, to help you look and feel better, and some do it for fun or to meet new people. Some of you do it so you can have a beer! Regardless of your WHY, congratulations on pushing your limits, and by doing so, remember that you will inspire so many others! One of the best things you can do immediately to help support running, multi-sport, and your fellow athletes of all ages, fitness levels, shapes, sizes, and abilities, is to offer lots of support and praise to each other on race day. As you pass someone, tell them how great they’re doing! As you’re getting passed, tell them how strong they look. Cheer each other on; it makes the time pass by quickly and empowers you and everyone else on the course! Have fun, be safe and enjoy the entire experience! You’re already a winner just by showing up! 

PARTNERS/SPONSORS: There is absolutely no way we could have pulled this event together without the support from our Sponsors.  



Thank you to our Partners who support our WHY Racing events year-round! 

PeaceHealth   Foot Traffic   IQ Credit Union   Franz Bakery   Corwin   Northwest Personal Training McCord’s Vancouver Toyota 


Thank you to our sponsors who support Scary Run 

City of Washougal * Visit Washougal * Port of Camas-Washougal *  PowerBar Sport

XTERRA * AMR * Waste Connections *  Frank Goulard


We will have  vendors sampling products and services at their booths! The expo will enhance your race experience and make the start/finish area jump with energy. Be sure to make a full loop through the expo so you don’t miss any of the sweets, treats, and pampering! And be sure to thank them for being involved! 

The best way to thank these companies is to do business with them because you appreciate the support they give to athletes like YOU and all the schools, clubs, and non-profits which will benefit from the event. 

BENEFICIARIES: Scary Run will be supporting the Washougal School  Foundation and Washougal High School. Why Racing Events is proud to support High School Sports programs and various local non-profits. As a result of your participation in our events, we have exceeded $3,000,000 in donations and funds raised for various local clubs, teams, and non-profits over the years. Some of the sports programs we support rely entirely on our donations for their yearly funding. We want to thank all of you for participating in this event allowing us the opportunity to extend this support to our community. 

Lastly, I’d like to give a big shout-out to our team at Why Racing Events for working so hard as a team to pull this event off! We’d also love to give major Kudos to the City of Washougal and the Port of Camas-Washougal for your support and for all your efforts to make this event a success!


We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday


Thank you,

Karissa & Rod Schoene and your Why Racing Event Crew 

Ps. If you have any friends or family who would like to volunteer, please have them email volunteer@whyracingevents.com. We are looking at a  fully supported event, but it’s always nice to have backups just in case.