What’s Your Why?


I first got into racing shortly after being diagnosed with MS 7 years ago. I knew that in order to combat both the disease and the treatment I had to make some life adjustments! At first I wanted to be a runner, but after countless stumbles and falls I decided cycling might be safer. It wasn’t long before I found myself in the best shape of my adult life, losing 40 pounds and focusing on what I could do (cycling and swimming) and not on what I couldn’t do!

After several century rides and a handful of small triathlons I set a goal to complete an Ironman event, not an easy task when you have difficulty running! By incorporating a jog/walk/shuffle I was able to complete one in Santa Rosa Ca this last summer! Along my 7 year journey my wife and I along with some friends started a fundraising bike team (Team Road Kill) that participates in a MS Society cycling event. We’ve been extremely fortunate with the support this group has received, not only are we the largest team that participates in the Oregon S/W Washington event we’ve managed to inspire countless others to get out of their comfort zone and do something to not only help themselves but others who can’t, and raising over $250,000 in the last five years!!

As far as inspiring other people go? It’s hard for me to say, mostly because I’m inspired by so many others.