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Why Racing Triathlon & Duathlon Awards Series

Who is the Best in the Northwest amongst the Why Racing Triathletes & Duathletes? We created an annual Awards Series in order to acknowledge both speed AND the ability to endure within the sports of Triathlon & Duathlon locally. Winning one race or your age group is extremely impressive but can you sustain that type of performance throughout the entire season? Get points for how you do overall and in your age group and we’ll reward overall and age champions at the end of the season.

We approached Matt LeGrand, a local computer programming geek (we say that with the most amount of respect and appreciation!) who also happens to be an impressive triathlete, to help us design a program that is based on a point system that is easy to understand and functions to acknowledge both overall and age group competition. Matt will strive to have the race series points posted to our website within a week after each race.

There are 6 opportunities for guys and 7 opportunities for women to earn points in this series:

  • Spring Classic Duathlon
  • Blue Lake Triathlon & Endurance Sports Festival
  • Pacific Crest Triathlon & Endurance Sports Festival
  • Hagg Lagg Triathlon & Endurance Sports Festival
  • Mid Summer Triathlon & Endurance Sports Festival
  • Girlfriends Triathlon & Fitness Festival
  • Columbia River Triathlon & Endurance Sports Festival


Here’s how it works:

  • The Why Racing Events Racing Series is divided into two distinct sections: Duathlon Race Series and Triathlon Race Series for the races listed above.
  • Your points will automatically start to accumulate with the first Why Race Event Series race in which you participate.
  • Male and Female Overall standings and age group standings will be calculated separately.
  • For Overall Standings: You will be accumulating Overall Points based on your overall finish in the race.
  • Age Group Standings: You will also be accumulating Age Group Points based on your finish within your age group (according to your Racing Age). Each age group beginning with 15 and under will be awarded Race Series points.
    Age groups:
    15 and under
    80 plus
  • Points are awarded to the top 30 finishers in each age group. Please see the point breakdown below. Current standings will be posted after each event.
    1st: 100 points
    2nd: 80 points
    3rd: 60 points
    4th: 50 points
    5th: 45 points
    6th: 40 points
    7th: 36 points
    8th: 32 points
    9th: 29 points
    10th: 26 points
    11th: 24 points
    12th: 22 points
    13th: 20 points
    14th: 18 points
    15th: 16 points
    16th: 15 points
    17th: 14 points
    18th: 13 points
    19th: 12 points
    20th: 11 points
    21st: 10 points
    22nd: 9 points
    23rd: 8 points
    24th: 7 points
    25th: 6 points
    26th: 5 points
    27th: 4 points
    28th: 3 points
    29th: 2 points
    30th: 1 point
  • Areas of Expected Errors – We will strive to work out errors and result mix ups. We will be able to correct and recalculate when errors occur. Our main concern is incorrect entry, typos and miss-matching of names which we can correct for once we are alerted to the issue.
  • Contact: Please reach out to whyracingseries@gmail.com with questions, suggestions and corrections, If you have any problems with any of this, you can deal with Matt directly – if you can catch him! 😉




Archived (2016) race results: