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  • The best scenery in the Northwest!
  • Food & Beer courtesy of Deschutes Brewery
  • Access to the weekend’s Live Entertainment & Fitness Expo
  • Commemorative Finisher medal
  • Accurate Chip Timing for competitive races
  • Pacific Crest Commemorative Finishers’ Tech Shirt
  • Sunset Live Concert on Friday and Saturday night
  • Post-event party & fun – The Pacific Crest post-event festivities and atmosphere are second to none!
  • Sense of accomplishment – Priceless

Shirts guaranteed only to those participants that have registered a month before race day. Quantities/sizes limited for those registering after that date. There will be no post-race shirt orders.

Registration FAQs

Can I register on Race Day?

Yes, you can for the running, cycling and kids events but if you can, please register ahead of time. It gets so busy on race day and we want to focus all of our energy on taking care of all of our athletes. If you really want to race and weren’t able to pre-register for whatever reason, we will take care of you. Ideally, sign up ahead of time so we can pre-order tshirt sizes and everything we need so we’re not guessing on total numbers. You know what it’s like when you’re trying to host a party and you don’t know who and how many are coming! Thanks so much for understanding! Due to the point-to-point nature of our multi-sport events, race day registration is NOT available on race day for our Triathlon, Duathlon and AquaBike events. We can only accommodate 1000 multi-sport athletes per day, so sign up early!

Can someone else pick up my racing packet?

Yes, however, you must complete an authorization form to allow them to pick up your packet and send them with a copy of your ID. This form will confirm that you will be the individual participating in the event and that you agree to not allow anyone else to race on your behalf.

Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds issued for your registration however, we do understand that things come up that are beyond your control. As a customer service initiative, we do offer the ability to transfer your registration to next year’s event, another upcoming Why Racing Event that year or to transfer your registration to another participant. Review the transfer and deferral policies below. Most events don’t allow transfers or refunds at all so this is a courtesy we offer to our participants. If you are transferring your registration to someone else, you must let us know so we can update their emergency contact info and to assure the credibility of results. If you don’t let us know, it messes up everyone’s results because they may be in a different age group or division! Anyone running under someone else’s name will be disqualified and not eligible for an award/trophy and you may be fined.


Registration Policies

DEFER OR TRANSFER policy: If you are unable to race due to medical reasons or a simple change of schedule, athletes may defer their general race entry slot to the same race the following year, transfer to another Why Racing Event that year or transfer their entry to another athlete. Deferrals or transfers do not carry over beyond one year. Note: This deferral or transfer only covers the race entry fee. USAT one day passes, processing fees and online registration fees will not be included in your credit. In order to defer or transfer your registration you will need to e-mail us at registration@whyracingevents.com with your Full Name, Race Venue, Race Distance and desired changes.

  • You can defer or transfer your entry outside of 61 days from the event for no fee.
  • You can defer or transfer your entry between 60 and 30 days of the event for a $10 fee (running only event) or $25 fee (multi-sport event).
  • You can defer or transfer your entry within 29 days or less of the event for a $25 fee (running only event) or $50 fee (multi-sport event).
  • Athletes wishing to defer or transfer to another race or participant, will be provided with a unique entry code and must re-register for the event. Athletes are not guaranteed registration if the race sells out before they attempt to enter.
  • There is only one transfer or defer allowed per original registration.
  • If transferring from a race with a higher entry fee to race with a lower entry fee, the athlete will receive no refund of the difference in the fees.
  • If transferring from a race with a lower entry fee to race with a higher entry fee, the athlete will be required to pay the difference of these two race fees.
  • Athletes who are not annual USAT members will be required to purchase a USAT single day membership for the event that they transfer into. USAT rules do not allow single day memberships to be transferred between events.

INTRA-EVENT TRANSFER POLICY: If you wish to transfer your own entry within an event to another distance, you will need to e-mail registration@whyracingevents.com.

  • You can change your distance within an event outside of 61 days from the event for no fee.
  • You can change your distance within an event between 60 days or less of the event for a $10 fee.

SPECIAL NOTE: Do you know why you should never transfer a race bib to a friend or family member without letting the Race Director know? First, if anything happens, we would be contacting YOUR Emergency Contact and reviewing YOUR Special Medical Needs and not theirs. That’s a major safety concern. Secondly, let’s say 60 year Sally gives her 20 year old son Biff her race bib because she’s not able to race. Seems harmless right?! Not so much. When Biff clocks a 5 minute mile using his Mom’s bib it looks like Sally rocked it at 60 years old and knocks Bertha, 62 year old Grandma, out of her legitimate first place age group finish. That’s not fair to Bertha who worked so hard to win her age group. Now Bertha is wondering who the heck Sally is not understanding that it was actually Biff who beat her! Ok, so the message is don’t be BIFF! This goes on all the time and the only way to correct it is for all of you to understand the importance and police it. If you know someone is giving away their bib, be sure to remind them to let the Race Director know! Often the athlete doesn’t fully understand how much this can impact safety and negatively affect everyone’s results and just needs to be educated in a friendly manner. Thanks all!

Packet Pickup Details

PACKET PICK UP / REGISTRATION HOURS - ON-SITE: Located in Sunriver Village at the Packet Pick up / Registration tent adjacent to the Bank of the Cascades and the Beer Garden.

REMEMBER YOUR ID AND USAT MEMBERSHIP CARD (if applicable) - It's a USAT requirement! And if you're picking up packages for other athletes, be sure you have a signed copy of the Authorization form and a copy of the athlete's ID.

3:00pm to 5:00pm for Tour de Crest Bike Tours & Trail Runs only

5:30AM-6:45am - 28K & 50K Trail Runs start at Wanoga Snow Park (Deschutes National Forest, Cascade Lakes Highway, Bend, OR 97703)

6:00am - 7:15am - Tour de Crest Bike Tours start at the SHARC. Both Rides begin at 7:30am and all riders MUST start at this time. Sunriver cannot accommodate a casual 'rolling' start. For those of you who miss the Packet Pick up for the Tours on Thursday night, you can pick-up at the SHARC before the start of the Tours. (SHARC - 57250 Overlook Rd off Circle 2)- the start of the rides.

10:00am - 7:00pm - PPU/Registration for All Saturday/Sunday Events. Note all Saturday 72.3 BEASTMAN athletes, must pick up your packet on Friday. Due to logistics, day-of-race Saturday packet pickups are not available for 72.3 BEASTMAN athletes. If for whatever reason, you are not able to pick up your packet before closing at 7pm on Friday, please email us at registration@whyracingevents.com to make arrangements.

10:00am - 3:00pm PPU/Registration for Kids' Splash Pedal-n-Dash in Sunriver Village at Registration / Packet Pickup tent by the Bank of the Cascades.

5:30am - 6:30am - Half-Marathon / Marathon
12:00pm - 4:00pm - 5K/10K, Olympic & Ultra-Sprint Tri/Du/AquaBike, Kid's Dashes. Note: Olympic & Ultra-Sprint athletes must pick up your packet on Friday or Saturday. Due to logistics, day-of-race Sunday packet pickups are not available for Olympic and Ultra-Sprint athletes.

6:30am - 7:45am - Kids' Dashes
6:30am - 8:00am - 5K/10K

2019 Pacific Crest Master Schedule

Packet Pickup, Registration and Expo Map:

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