Course Details

Couve Clover Run

Course Details

We believe this is one of the prettiest courses in the Northwest! We’ve designed a NEW 1 mile Lucky Leap Course along with our 3 mile, Lucky 7 mile, and 10-mile courses to take you through some of the most scenic areas of Vancouver and it really highlights our wonderful community including the New Vancouver Waterfront, the Renaissance Trail along the majestic Columbian River, Historic Officer’s Row, Fort Vancouver and more. The course is mostly flat with a couple of short hills.

There are a few very important splits on the course that you will want to pay attention to. There will be signage, flashing lights, and volunteers instructing you however, you will need to pay attention and follow the instructions. Note, please don’t decide to change the event you registered for without officially letting us know or else it significantly affects result reports for everyone.

Route Maps

Check out how much fun we have at the Couve Clover Run!


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