2020 Couve Clover Run Pre-Race Instructions

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NOTE: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Couve Clover run is a virtual option only now. The details below are no longer current. Read all details here.

Hey all you Lucky Leprechauns, 

Our 6th Annual Couve Clover Run is SUNDAY March 22nd and it’s our biggest year yet with approximately 1800 runners and walkers ready to paint the Couve GREEN! Let’s all do the sunshine dance to help guarantee some good weather! Note: ALL DISTANCES start at 9am this year.

If you missed the important email and social media posts regarding the steps we all need to take to protect against the Coronavirus, please read that email here. We also posted an important instructional video on Facebook that you can view here. We are continuing to take precautions for the event including asking 5K athletes to not take on-course hydration/gels since their length of effort is shorter. We will have water stations on course but in order to reduce any risks for exposure, we are asking athletes to carry their own or not take hydration. If you require available hydration/fuel, please work with our volunteers to minimize exposure. It will be a slower process than usual so please be patient. We are also working with our partners to potentially adjust the post-race meal plan to provide only packaged items. Also, watch the video to get our tips on porta-potty usage during the race. Our timing company is also not going to provide Kiosks where you typically would review results immediately after your race. Instead we are asking that you review online so we can minimize exposure at that high-point of contact. We are going to have an abundance of sanitizer, hand-wash stations, gloves and disinfectants for our team. Please have sanitizer with you as well so you can constantly be washing and sanitizing. If you are not feeling well and/or high-risk, please do our virtual option instead and keep yourself and others healthy and safe. Fortunately, our athletes are typically healthy kids and adults where the risk is low but precautions are still very important. Keep your distance on race day – none of the usual shenanigans. It will be a different experience than usual but hopefully we can still have a great time while raising funds for our community.

There is a lot of important information in this email for you to review – especially for you rookies! We put the important information for everyone at the top so you veterans can focus there and if you’re a newbie, read the whole thing. It’s a long email, but we want to answer all your questions so you can enjoy a stress-free day. So sometime over the next week, grab a green tea, spinach smoothie or green beer, take a seat, relax, review the material and start to get excited for the Couve Clover Run! 

Note – Tell all your favorite procrastinating Lads & Lassies to hurry because registration fees increase Friday March 20th at midnight. The 5K (3 mile) option is manageable for everyone! Forward them this email and the link below and you might just inspire them!

Couve Clover Event Page

Updated: Due to COVID 19 Packet Pick up has been canceled.  If you would like to pick up your packet prior to the virtual race our office will be open Friday March 20th from 10 AM – 6 PM & Saturday March 21st from 10 AM – 2 PM for pick up.  If you are picking up for groups of 3 or more, please email registration@whyracingevents.com so we can put the packets together for you.  We will have an official packet pick up once we are able to safely manage large gatherings at which time we will also have age group awards and top finisher awards for all those whose upload their results.  If you come to our office, please stay in your car and we will come out to assist you.  Our office is located at:
1108 NE 146th St., Suite J
Vancouver, WA 98685


Please pick up your goody bags, bib #, and finisher’s shirt at the Saturday time slot listed above. Note, if it is absolutely impossible for you to pick up on Saturday we will accommodate you on Sunday morning before the race. It’s always so crazy on race day so it makes it easier on everyone, you included, if you take care of this on Saturday if possible. Foot Traffic is offering 15% off all Asics Gear, 10% off entire store and you’ll receive a fun gift with purchase. Let’s support this amazing local specialty store that does so much for our running community! You will receive your athlete SWAG bag courtesy of Chucks Produce filled with incredible offers and treats from our sponsors. Don’t forget to look for your WHY Racing Dining Card with amazing discounts at local restaurants throughout Vancouver. This alone is worth the price of admission!

Your friends and family can also register at Packet Pickup. 

SNEAKERS 4 FUNDS – We are starting a new initiative and asking our athletes to bring gently worn, used and new sneakers and running shoes to packet pickup and on race day. These shoes will then be sent to developing nations like Haiti, where they will be repurposed and resold by micro-entrepreneurs (small business owners). Your donated shoes will help create commerce, jobs and a path out of poverty.

NOTE: Now that our events are sanctioned by USATF, you are required to pick up your own packets. In the event you cannot make it to Packet Pickup, you can have someone else pick up your package, but you must sign and print this formand send it with them as well as a copy of your ID. This is an insurance requirement helping to assure that athletes don’t give their Bib to someone else to race – an act that would be strictly prohibited for safety reasons. If you have registered someone else online, make sure they have signed the waiver in advance of picking up their packet. Do not send a child under 18 in by themselves to register as they will need a parent to sign the waiver. 

COSTUMES:  Bring out the green!  We will reward creativity with prizes for best costumes! It makes it fun for everyone! 

WHEN TO ARRIVE: We suggest you arrive at the start/finish area between 8:00 and 8:20am to allow enough time to get situated, take a potty break (maybe not this year – watch the video!), and get yourself mentally and physically prepared. We have ordered porta potties for the start/finish line and there are plenty of bathroom opportunities located at our event sponsors including Main Event and Union Chapel Church, Pre-race announcements and festivities will begin at 8:30am, with a high energy and fun warm-up at around 8:45. The event officially starts at 9:00am.

PARKING: Parking in downtown Vancouver is free on weekends, so park in any of the designated meter spots / city parking lots. There is plenty of parking along Broadway, Main, Washington and Columbia Streets and all around Esther Short Park. You may have to walk a few blocks, but consider it your warm-up. Better yet, carpool with friends or take the Bus with C-Tran.  

SELF SEEDING: It is important to self-seed your starting point during the mass start based on your speed to create an experience that is more enjoyable and safe for all. After our warm-up, there will be volunteers holding pacing signs. Please line up according to your speed. If you are a walker, recreational runner, parents with children or pushing a stroller, please line up near the rear for safety reasons.

Please be sure to start in the correct corral, otherwise it’s very frustrating for the runners/walkers behind you. Plus, you will have a much better experience if you’re not getting tripped up by someone trying to get around you. Also when on course always stay to the right except to pass. Avoid walking many abreast which can make it very difficult for those behind you to pass. 

Important Instructions for Parents: Unless you know your kids are on the cross-country team and will win the race, please have them start at the back. Kids are notorious for sprinting at the beginning and then stopping abruptly after a hundred feet posing a big safety risk for themselves and everyone behind them. Also, please make sure there is an adult on course with your children. Please don’t send your youngsters on course by themselves!   

COURSE: We believe this is one of the prettiest courses in the Northwest! We’ve designed the course to take you through some of the most scenic areas of Vancouver and it really highlights our wonderful community. The course is mainly flat with a couple hills. There will be a few lead cyclists and plenty of course marshals and signage to assure you know exactly where you are going. There are a few sections that are tight and will require you to run both directions past each other, be sure to stay to the right so there are no collisions. Please also listen to the course marshals – they are there for your safety. When on any roadway, be sure to watch for cars. And whenever you have the option, use the sidewalks/paths. We’ll also have a designated ‘sweeper’ to be the last walker (so you don’t have to worry about being last). The courses will be marked at each mile. For those of you who would like to study the course in detail, you can click on the links below.

Attention 3 mile (5K) athletes: We are so excited to announce that we are giving your BONUS miles! It’s your Lucky Day! The 3 mile loop is actually 3.4 miles due to waterfront construction. Consider it like a Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow, you lucky leprechauns!

Review Course Maps here. 

This is a good link to direct your supporters to so they know the course and can plan out their cheering locations.  Good spots for your loved ones are Confluence Bridge path in Fort Vancouver, Beaches Restaurant (for 7 and 10 milers), Marine Park Area (for 10 milers), the new waterfront development area for all athletes and, of course, the finish line! Remind them to be careful if they are going to drive along the course to cheer you on at various locations.  Also remind them to make awesome signs for you, to bring their cowbells to keep your energy up and to have flowers for the finish line!  Don’t assume they know to do this – sometimes you’ve got to give family a little direction! 

COURSE SPLITS: There are two very important splits on the course. It’s important that you aware of these. At about 2 miles, as you are exiting the Confluence Land Bridge, the 5K athletes will go to the right and the 7 and 10-milers will go to the left. The other split is along Columbia in the Industrial section on the way to Marine Park – the 7-milers will turn around prior to Victory street before the 10-milers.  Go the correct way based on your registered event. You don’t have to memorize this – there will be signage and volunteers instructing you. However, you will need to pay attention and follow the instructions so you don’t miss your split! Note: please complete the course for the event you registered for – or let us know before the race at Packet Pickup if you want to change distances! Otherwise, it significantly affects result reports for everyone! 

Water stations will be available once for 5K athletes, 4x for our 7 mile athletes and 6x for our 10 mile athletes. Water, Gatorade and PowerBar gels (for our 7 & 10 mile athletes) will be available. You will also have the opportunity to fill your own hand-held water bottle with the assistance of a volunteer. **Note – please read potential adjustments to water stations noted above.

TIMING: All Runners will wear a Bib that includes a Disposable Chip. Just be sure to wear your Bib Number on the front of your shirt/jacket. You will also notice that you have Tabs on your Bib for a complimentary Happy Mountain Kombucha and Mt Tabor Brewing beer that you can redeem in the beer tent and a Soup ticket that you can redeem at Main Event courtesy of Chucks produce. There is also a Foot Traffic 10% off coupon that you can use at Packet Pickup or your next purchase.  

RESULTS: Cascadia Sports Timing will be timing our event. You will be able to find results post-event here. If you click on your name you will be able to see a video of you crossing the finish line and view and print a Finishers’ Certificate that will list your time, pace and placement. They will also have Kiosks set up right at the finish line so you can immediately view your results and take a photo of the screen so you can post as soon as you finish (Note – this will not happen this year. No Kiosks because we don’t want all of you touching the kiosks while you’re all sweaty and breaking heavy! You’ll have to check online or on the apps below). If there are any issues with your results, go to the timing van immediately so we can correct before the Awards Ceremony. There is also a results app available for android and apple phones. The Results will be live which is awesome for your spectators! Here are the links: 

LOST & FOUND: Any equipment that is unmarked will be returned to the stage during the event. After the event, we will take to the Why Racing office and you can contact us to locate. Please come to the event with all personal belongings well marked with your name. 

GEAR CHECK: If you would like to leave items at the start/finish area, Union Chapel Church is our Bag-check location. We ask that you place your belongings in a bag with your first and last name and Bib # clearly taped to the outside of the bag so we can easily identify your bag. We will ask you to show your Bib # when you pick up your bag at the finish. Please understand that we can’t be responsible for your valuables, so please lock anything of value in your car.    

CHANGE OF CLOTHES: Be sure to bring a change of clothes so you can enjoy the post-event festivities. You can change at Main Event or Union Chapel Church. 

SHIRT SWAP: If the size of the shirt you ordered does not fit, we will be hosting a ‘Shirt Swap” in the Bag check area in Union Chapel Church after the race. We cannot guarantee you will be able to swap, since it will depend on left over shirts, but will do our best to accommodate your request. 


  • There will be over 25 vendors at the Finish line! There will  be so much going on so plan to stick around until the last finishers are done and enjoy all the fun post-event activities. Tell your friends and family to come down and check out all the fun going on too! You will definitely get your money’s worth at this event! 
  • We hope you love your finisher bling/medal & finishers shirt
  • The first 1500 Adult athletes who registered will receive a Collector’s Couve Clover Mason Jar courtesy of McCords Vancouver Toyota at the finish line
  • The first 500 Kid athletes that head to the Whisper Running booth post run will receive a cool Collector’s Couve Clover/Whisper Running Mason Jar Glass 
  • Enjoy your Post-race meal with warm soup courtesy of Chucks Produce and Franz Rolls at Main Event; Grilled Cheese, Donuts & Cookies courtesy of Franz Bakery, Power Crunch Energy Bars, Fruit Courtesy of Chucks Produce and more. *Note – this may be adjusted this year to minimize any chances of exposure.
  • Enjoy post-race hydration including Coffee, Water and Happy Mountain Kombucha courtesy of Corwin; Enjoy Mt. Tabor Brewing Beer in the Beer Tent only (not inside Main Event) 
  • Athlete Recovery, Stretching and Massage at Vancouver Downtown Business Association at the Finish line area – Look for signs and go get pampered after your race! Note – to minimize close contact, we may set up personal stretching stations with straps and foam rollers or eliminate this area this year.
  • Main Event is also serving breakfast this year if you want something more substantial to eat (Note – this is not free but an option to sit down, enjoy breakfast with your family and support our partners!) 
  • Be sure to make your rounds and sample all the products and services at each vendor booth. Thank them for being there for YOU!

Note: Have your Beer, Soup and Kombucha Tickets ready to go to speed up the process. Please provide ticket from your bib at each location.  

RACE PHOTOS:  Watch for the cameras en route and give us a big, cheesy smile! Guess what – Thanks to IQ Credit Union, all your event photos will be FREE!  How cool is that?! Be sure to have your Bib on the front of your shirt/jacket so they can easily send you your photos and start thinking of a cool, green, festive costume now so your photos look AWESOME! If you give us an awesome pose, you just might be our poster-child next year! Once photos are available, they will be posted here.Be sure to share and use #WHYracing, #WhyToyota, #ThanksIQ & #CouveCloverRun so we can add to our album and so you can be entered to win some really cool prizes. 

AWARDS: Who shall win the Pot of Gold?! For all you speedsters, here’s what we’ve got: 

  • Fun “LUCKY” Awards and Champion Medal hanger for the Top 3 Overall Male & Female and Masters Champion for all distances. Note: Top Overall Awards Ceremony at the Main Stage for the 5k will begin at approximately 10:00am; 7 mile at approximately 10:30am; 10 mile at approximately 11am.
  • Top 3 Age Group Winners in all distances will receive a Medal. Go to the awards table if you were top 3 in your age group in any distance for any of the following categories. 
  • 9 and under, 10-14yrs, 15-19yrs, 20-24yrs, 25-29yrs, 30-34yrs, 35-39yrs, 40-44yrs, 45-49yrs, 50-54yrs, 55-59yrs, 60-64yrs, 65-69yrs, 70-74yrs, 75-79yrs, 80-84yrs, 85-89yrs and 90+years 

Note: We will not be able to provide awards for walkers due to the inability to control adherence to walking only during the event. 

COURSE RECORDS: Can anyone beat this? We might just have a Lucky Prize for you if you do! 


Robert McLauchlan 15:22.3 

Francine Neilampa 18:25   

7 Mile: 

Willy Sayers – 42:42 

Allison Wrightson 46:33.7 

10 Mile: 

Jason Griffiths 55:20.6 

Ashley Althaus 1:07:34

VOLUNTEERS: We are close to 100% capacity for volunteers! Yahoo! Big thanks for all of our amazing volunteers! If you have family or friends who are coming to support you and want to volunteer, sometimes we get cancellations so they can still email brianna@whyracingevents.com if they would like to help out.  Remember, there’s no way we could put on this event without the help and support of our volunteer team. Many have dedicated hours and hours of time to this event. So please be extra-nice to our course marshals, water station crew, Flaggers and anyone helping out. Thank them as often as possible because we want them to all come back next year! 

PARTNERS/SPONSORS: There is absolutely no way we could have pulled this event together without our Partners who support our entire series of events, our event Sponsors and our vendors. Please review the list below and be sure to thank and support these businesses for being there for YOU!

The expo will enhance your race experience and make the start/finish area jump with energy. Be sure to make a full loop through the expo so you don’t miss any of the sweets, treats and pampering!   

The best way to thank these companies is to do business with them because you appreciate the support they give to athletes like YOU and all the schools, clubs and non-profits including SHARE and the Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools who will benefit from the event. 

BENEFICIARIES:   Why Racing Events Inc. is proud to support various local schools, clubs, teams and non-profits. Our events will help raise over $1,000,000 this year thanks to you! Some of the programs we support rely completely on our donations for their yearly funding. We want to thank all of you for participating in this event allowing us the opportunity to extend this support to our community. 

FACEBOOK: Can we be friends?!  If you haven’t yet, please like our Why Racing Events Facebook pages for all event photos, videos, updates, tips and inspiration. https://www.facebook.com/WhyRacingEvents Also find us on instagram at why_racing_events where we use YOU as our models. Last, please join the Couve Clover Event Page because this is where we will also post any last minute updates. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR OUR ROOKIES:  If you’re new to racing, you probably have questions about what to wear and what to eat before and during the event. We’ve pulled together some information and instructions that should help assure you have a great race. 

Read Important Information for our Rookies here.    

REMEMBER YOUR WHY: You are all racing for different reasons. Some of you are super competitive and are racing to win overall or in your age group or division. Some of you will just be ecstatic to cross the finish. Some of you are racing to reach for your personal best or to get into great shape. Some of you race to be able to eat whatever you want. Some of you do it for energy, to help you look and feel better, some do it for fun or to meet new people. Some of you do it so you can have a beer or a glass of wine. Regardless of your WHY, let us congratulate you on pushing your limits and by doing so remember that you will inspire so many others! One of the best things you can do immediately to help support running and your fellow athletes of all ages, fitness levels, shapes, sizes, and abilities, is to offer lots of support and praise to each other on race day. As you pass someone, tell them how great they’re doing and as you’re getting passed, tell them how strong they look. Cheer each other on, it makes the time pass by quickly and empowers you and everyone else on the course! Remember though, If they Catch you, they can Pinch you! 

Lastly, I’d like to give a big shout-out to our team at Why Racing Events for working so hard as a team to pull this event off!  

Thank you so much for participating in our 6th Annual Couve Clover Run and helping this event become our own mini “Shamrock Run” here in the Couve and an annual tradition for our community! Have fun, stay safe and enjoy the entire experience!  

Sherri McMillan & the entire Why Racing Team 

Ps.  Forward your favorite Lads & Lassies this REGISTRATION link and maybe you’ll inspire them to participate! You don’t want them to miss out on all the IRISH Shenanigans! 




Event Partners

We’re honored to partner with these great companies to provide you the absolute best race experience. We couldn’t do it without them so please show them the LOVE and support them as a thank you for all they do for our community.





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