What’s Your Why?

Molly McGarry

  My WHY has changed over years when I switched from being a Division One Collegiate rowing athlete to finding a new love and passion for triathlons. The one thing that has remained the same is my love for embracing a challenge.

My journey with triathlon began about eight years ago while working at my first job after college. My boss was an Ironman triathlete and very passionate about sharing the love of the sport. She later learned I grew up ocean swimming and convinced me to help with a local triathlon club. Before I knew it – I was hooked. The challenge of putting three different sports together, one after another is a big reason why I love this sport.

My passion bloomed when I moved to Vancouver, WA where I got involved with Why Racing Events, competitions and began coaching athletes. Then, I finally decided to tackle a long-time dream of completing my own Ironman distance race. I dove right in and hired my own coach and just went after it. Week after week, I put in the long training hours so I could get across that finish line in November of 2018. There is truly something magical about fearlessly going after your dream, and just seeing what happens.

I truly enjoy working as a triathlon coach, introducing others to the sport and mentoring both new and competitive athletes. Finding your WHY is so empowering and I am lucky to be able to help athletes use their passion as fuel to achieve their dreams too.


Molly’s Racing Highlights:

  • Finishing top 10 ten women at Pacific Crest ultra-sprint 2018
  • Qualifying for Duathlon Nations 4x through Spring Classic Duathlon hosted by Why Racing
  • Qualifying for USAT Nationals at Columbia River Triathlon and racing in Omaha that year
  • Ironman AZ 2018
  • 2nd in AG PDX Triathlon virtually 2020
  • Various AG placings over the years