Our March Athlete of the Month is the one and only Cheryl Raeburn!

At 65 years young, Cheryl is a regular at Why Racing events and a friend to many in our running community.

She’s been running regularly for about 15 years and has competed in countless races. She started running to improve her overall health (at age 50ish, mind you) and never looked back.

Cheryl says, “Running has taught me that I am capable of so much more than I had ever dreamed!”

Recounting a meaningful story in her running journey, she offers:

“When I broke my foot a few years back, I’d already signed up for all my spring races! I just had surgery to place a pin in my foot but still wanted to participate.  So, I had a non-weight bearing cast on my left foot and a knee scooter, which I was not very experienced with and decided I was going to do the Race for the Roses 1/2 marathon on my knee scooter.  Was hands down the most difficult thing I had ever done.  And such a humbling experience finishing last but was so glad I did it!”

So, in other words, Cheryl, in her 60s, completed a half marathon with a broken foot!

What’s your excuse?

Excuse, meet Cheryl Raeburn and run along, please. (We kid. Kind of.)

All joking aside, Cheryl is an inspiration and a shining example of consistency and showing the world that age doesn’t need to be an obstacle in one’s journey to health and fitness. She offers this advice to her fellow runners: “Never give up! You’re never too old to start.”

Thank you for your example and for sharing your story, Cheryl!