Our June athlete of the month is 38-year-old Ron Hill from LaCenter, Washington!

Ron joined us for our second annual Pacific Coast Running Festival and participated in the Tour de Pacific bike ride and ran the half marathon.

An active Army man and avid runner, Ron has done at least ten half marathons and is training for a 50k run and a 50-mile run later this year!

Ron says of his “why”:

“It always changes. I like getting up in the morning and having the trails to myself for quiet and thinking. It feels great. By the time you get to work, you’ve already done so much more than most people.”

To be at the level of achievement Ron has acquired, you pick up some practical tips. When asked to share some pearls of wisdom, he had practical and philosophical advice.

The practical: “Make sure you’re getting sleep, getting your water in, keep to a routine and stretch. Don’t forget to stretch, even if you don’t want to!”

The philosophical: There are always challenges when running. You’ll hit tough spots, like steep hills, while out there. Similar to life, there are always more difficult patches. You’ve got to learn to keep moving through both and they’ll pass.”

That’s profound if you think about it!

Ron says his favorite Why event is currently Pacific Coast Running Festival, because he likes the feel of a race-cation at the beach. But he is quick to add, “but every Why event I go to is my new favorite!”

He’s quick to encourage current and would-be runners: “Get out here and try it!”

Thanks for your great example, Ron! We’ll see you in Bend at Pacific Crest Endurance Sports Festival!