November’s athlete of the month is the Marathon Freak himself, Steve Walters! We caught up with Steve at Appletree Marathon in September. It was a very momentous occasion for Mr. Walters – his 450th marathon! You read that right – 450 marathons! That is quite the accomplishment!

Steve started running about 16 years ago to lose some weight, and as he puts it, “one mile led to another, and I decided to run a marathon. Then I caught the bug and started doing as many marathons as I could.”

He averages 32 marathons per year, the most he has done in a year is 62 (More than one per week!).

Steve says his why is “because he can.” Amen to that!

As for advice to beginning runners, he says, “Take it easy, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and just enjoy the experience.”

For those who are looking to make greater progress, Steve offers, “Find something you enjoy about it and harness that. Don’t give into the excuses and just have fun.”

Your dedication to the sport of marathon is inspiring, Steve! Thank you for your joining us at Appletree. We look forward to seeing you out there!